About the Book

You are someone who is on the path of soul search—wanting to know your life path and your purpose. You want to know about human consciousness, its working & its presence in your physical body. You want to know how to transform your physical, emotional, mental, relationship, and behaviour concerns. You want to know how the meditation and healing works.

Life coach and healer Sunil Shetye would like to address & clear all your doubts about human consciousness creation in this book. Soul Journey of Human BEing is for those who believe that their life has bigger plans & out in the search for their soul calling. This book is a roadmap of various paths that will bring in an alignment with your soul.

You will discover
  • Consciousness creation of a human being that exists in your physical body. i.e. Chakra, Kundalini, your own personality that exists in etheric, emotional, and mental bodies
  • How Your weaknesses and state of mind affect you & how testing happens & healing works.
  • Stages of Human BEing and their purification, transformation paths & their management.
  • Understanding of meditation & how to do it as essential practices.

The soul journey of Human BEing reveals the hidden information that will help transformation in your day-to-day life, purification practices, & personality development.