This test is available online and takes more than one hour. During the test series of simple questions will be asked for your candid and your exact reply.

Those who are not comfortable can have an anonymous way to take feedback on your personality by providing your identity and seek an analysis. In this case, you will be comfortable responding to some questions with a candid answer. The analysis will be provided.

The personality test results are very important, and you should not share it with anyone. You can have one on one with Sunil Shetye if you chose to be anonymous.

The analysis of the personality test will have the following measured personality faculty development.
1: Person’s decision-making is based on an emotional body or mental body.
2: Person is inward or outward in terms of his Pingala or Ida dominance.
3: Person is left brain or right brain driven.
4: Person’s specific chakra analysis.
One to One Consultation