Meditation techniques

Different types of meditations and transformation techniques are proposed after going through the personality test, which will help to build personality and help to transform.
Who will require this course?
Our material life is in the form of the duality of emotional Intelligence. We achieve something however while doing that, we damage or ignore other parts of our life. Refer to my book Soul Journey of Human BEing. While traveling on our path we build up our own belief system and mindset, which shift to either side of yin-yang. You judge others based on your own personality, and this personality you have created is based on your unique path and environment. 

  • For transformation, you need a balance between yin-yang. The other side, which you have been ignoring, needs to be developed. It is important that the side which you have built up yourself needs transformation. The mindset and belief system which you have needs purification.
  • This course is simple and methodical and will understand your strength and weaknesses or undeveloped side and will bring in the balance in your personality.
  • This session is effective for individuals who would like to build their personality in day-to-day life and balance their personality to achieve advancement in their life.