Meditation courses for personality development. Strength and weaknesses identification and healing and guidance for transformation methods.
This course is for people who are on a spiritual path and would like to attain advancement in it. 

Your purification and transformation are required irrespective you follow any spiritual methods. Adopting Meditation practices in line with your required purification will accelerate your transformation process.

You can take an online personality test in which suggestions will be given or can set up one on one with Sunil Shetye. 

Healing for issues relate personality, health, relationship, blessings 
  • Head to toe and relaxation
  • Specific organ condition
  • Spinal issues 
  • Chakra Development
  • Emotional breakdown
  • Relationship healing
  • Broken heart due to relationship issues, sudden changes in environment
  • Helpless situation and need a energy boost and healing
  • Healing and consultation for health issues
  • Healing technique for self-management

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