Personality Development

One has to understand what personality creation exists within themselves. My book Soul Journey of Human BEing will enlighten you about the duality that exists in our personality. It is important to understand this duality balancing is required to move ahead on our spiritual path.

Our personality is formed based on our past experience and environment in our material life. We judge people from our personality perspective so others.

Along with our personality, we build Shadripues(Enemy) and mindsets and our belief system in such a way that they start influencing decisions made by your personality.

The guidance will be given to shape up your personality, to balance and control your Shadripues, and transformation to your mindset. A person who enrolls in this program will have to do his personality test available on our website for understanding his own personality mapping in terms of his decision-making influencers and his own consciousness elements development status.

By this test, you will be able to understand you are emotionally driven or mentally driven. You are left brain or right brain driven. You are inward or outward. It's a dichotomy, and you will be taking forward this ying-yang status for your personality development. Remember, intolerance of your personality is transferred to your physical body and organs. The intolerance of your physical body organs is visible in your health issues and in your relationship issues.

One online session will be with Sunil Shetye over the virtual platform and will draw the development and meditation practices required. The required guidance will be given to adopting those as per individual preparedness.