Everyone has a unique personality that is formed based on individual past, upbringing experiences, and your surrounding environment. Our purpose of incarnation is to transform our personality and attain awakening. Please refer to my book “ soul journey, “ in which I have revealed how our consciousness bodies represent our personality. Your existence in this material world is represented in the form of your personality, which is uniquely formed based on your past life path, experiences, memories, success, failures, and environment in which your journey took place. Your personality lies in your consciousness bodies called etheric, emotional, and mental bodies. Also, your personality uses your faculty like left/right brain, Heart/Eyebrow Chakra, Ida/Pingla nadies. Based on your personality, these faculties are also getting developed. Sunil Shetye has developed a personality psychometric test that will reveal your personality build-up so far in the above parameters. Our world exists in the form of duality, Ying-Yang, or we call it a dichotomy. It is important to achieve balance in your personality to achieve awakening in your spiritual journey. Our personality is made up of our unique path traveled in our unique past to present journey and unique experiences and unique environment. Because of this, our personality leans towards one side of duality. Accordingly, our faculty also get more developed on one side. Because of this, the unique soul journey you have developed your emotional intelligence and some faculties as stated above may be an imbalance, blocked, undeveloped, or overdeveloped due to which you may gain some success in one part of your life, but another part of your life remains undeveloped, and you face issues in those undeveloped part due to which you suffer as well as generate bad karma. To achieve one side's success, you neglect the other side and remain undeveloped on that side. Personality psychometric tests will provide the detail of your inclination, and that will help you to analyze your own personality and your behavior pattern. This will help you to identify your weaknesses and issues, and you can work on transforming those with the help of transformation programs that I have been developing.