Sunil Shetye



Mr. Sunil Shetye

Life Coach and Healer


Sunil Shetye has continued his meditation since last two decades and has gained knowledge on Indian and Chinese methods of healing and meditation. He has a mastery over Esoteric, Soul, Chakra, Human Consciousness, and Self-Healing, which can be used for various issues of mankind such as pain (Body, Mental), relationships, speedy recovery of illness, problems in life, energy blockages, anger, ego management.

He integrates the best of Eastern techniques. He has evolved over 20 years of soul study with the blessings from various masters, divine spiritual guides, spiritual mother, and father. His teachings bring clarity about Human Consciousness (Etheric, Emotional (Astral) and Mental bodies, Chakras, Kundalini) and its evolution. He holds a practical approach to merge with his own soul and higher souls. His teachings are based on self-awareness, self-healing, and self-purification.

His upcoming book 'Soul Journey of Human BEing', scheduled to publish on 10th April 2021, will bring clarity on human consciousness bodies, Chakra, Kundalini, and how they operate and evolve.

He has developed the psychometric test that provides an analysis of your personality. Your personality usage pattern analysis in terms of emotional Intelligence, heart chakra and eyebrow chakra, left brain and right brain, introvert, and extravert will be revealed to you.

His coaching is based on various meditation techniques over different energies and consciousness tools. He also provides various meditation and consciousness techniques that will help individuals in their Soul journey.