Consciousness Personality Needs Appropriate Healing

One has to remove the root cause of issues that exist in your personality, which has taken you towards your malfunction.

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Life Sudden Issues

Unresolved issues in our personality journey can manifest physically

impacting our well-being.

Our mind translates these issues into chemical reactions in our body, straining our organs beyond their limits. As a result, our organs malfunction, affecting our overall health. To truly address these issues, we must recognize and resolve the root causes within our personality and mind, alongside treating physical symptoms. This holistic approach is key to achieving lasting well-being.

Our body sends warning signals when something isn’t right, yet we often overlook them. When life’s challenges hit us hard, our physical organs can’t cope and begin to show symptoms of distress. It’s time to listen to these alarms and prioritize our well-being before it’s too late.

Life’s journey is filled with twists and turns, often leading us into challenging situations that test our resilience. In these moments of turmoil, our minds and bodies can become overwhelmed by trauma. During these times, we need courage and support to navigate the storm and emerge stronger on the other side. The imbalance in our lives puts our minds, and bodies into turbulences. Here are some issues that may crop up due to sudden off-balance in our lives due to various situations.

Sudden Issues that Weakens You

Healing and self-healing practices offer transformative solutions for a wide array of life-related issues, nurturing growth, resilience, and well-being. Here are common issues that can be healed through these practices.

Sudden Issues that Weakens You

Healing and self-healing practices offer transformative solutions for a wide array of life-related issues, nurturing growth, resilience, and well-being. Here are common issues that can be healed through these practices.

Life coach and healer, an author of “ Soul Journey of Human BEing” and founding member of Sumira Life Sunil Shetye helps you overcome these issues through various methods, counselling, techniques, exercises, breathing techniques, healing and self-healing techniques and help you pass through the situation.

Sudden Issues that Weakens You

Healing and self-healing practices offer transformative solutions for a wide array of life-related issues, nurturing growth, resilience, and well-being. Here are common issues that can be healed through these practices.


Reflect on your personality and behaviors, identifying areas for improvement and your core values. Accept responsibility for change, set specific, achievable goals, and break them into manageable steps for a balanced transformation. Embrace this journey with patience, recognizing each step as progress towards your aspirations.

Identify areas of growth to achieve transformation

Identify specific areas of your personality that you'd like to focus on during your transformation. This could include improving communication skills, increasing self-confidence, managing emotions more effectively, or cultivating resilience.

Make efforts to implement

Take intentional steps toward your goals every day. This could involve practising new behaviours, challenging negative thought patterns, or seeking out opportunities for personal growth and development. Be consistent and persistent in your efforts, even when faced with setbacks or challenges.

Sessions with the Sunil Shetye

Experience the Change

Session 1

Assessment of personality by a duality assessment test. Sumira Life Management developed more comprehensive and personalized solutions that integrate consciousness assessment and transformation elements while addressing user concerns about data privacy and security.

The assessment test provides the individual personality formed based on data and its analysis and consciousness personality parameters. It offers personalized guidance through the interface and incorporates practices like yoga, meditation and self-healing. The Sumira Life Solution introduces a novel approach to well-being by combining traditional wisdom with technology. It uses data-driven insights to guide individuals on a personalized journey, acknowledging the mental, physical, and spiritual interconnectedness in achieving holistic health.

Session 2

Explaining that consciousness exists along with our physical body. How each chakra works. How personality forms and works.

Discuss personality test results with individuals or groups, explain all possibilities, and offer guidance, counselling, self-healing techniques, and healing during the session and set clear goals.

Identify areas of growth. Guide individuals to overcome their issues, which will help enhance their physical and material lives. Healing, self-healing techniques, yoga, breathing and meditation practices will help you balance your material life and achieve good physical and mental health, transformation, and awakening. Provide insights and strategies to support your transformation journey.

Our Various Subscription

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Half an hour online session: Rs 2000/ first session.

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Subsequent online sessions will be RS 1000/ session

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Remote healing is done daily during Sunil Shetye’s prayer/ meditation practice Rs 100/day, Rs 2500/month.

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Mr. Sunil Shetye

Life Coach and Healer


Sunil Shetye, the visionary Founder, Promoter, and Director of Sumira Life Management, has dedicated his life to spreading the profound knowledge of human consciousness. Through Sumira Life Management, an education enterprise, Sunil aims to enlighten individuals about the existence of human consciousness, the formation and operation of personality, and the path to achieving life balance by harmonizing one's personality.

With Sumira Life Management, Sunil has established a comprehensive knowledge and service platform designed to benefit individuals on multiple levels—soul, mind, and body. His mission is to help people unlock their fullest potential and achieve holistic well-being.

Sunil seamlessly integrates the best of Eastern healing techniques into his teachings, which have positively impacted hundreds of people. Over the past 25 years, he has evolved his understanding and practices of soul study, guided and blessed by various masters and divine spiritual guides. The transformative power of his services has touched countless souls, who eagerly await the opportunity to experience the profound benefits of his work.

Sunil is also the acclaimed author of "Soul Journey of Human Being," a book published three years ago that delves into the intricate relationship between human consciousness and the physical body. This enlightening work provides comprehensive clarity on the creation, existence, and functioning of human consciousness, offering readers a profound understanding of their own spiritual and physical interconnectedness.

For the first 25 years of his career, Sunil held prestigious roles at leading corporations such as Siemens and Wipro, where he managed numerous accounts and IT service responsibilities as a Program Director.

Under Sunil's leadership, Sumira Life Management continues to be a beacon of knowledge and healing, empowering individuals to reach new heights of personal and spiritual growth.

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Mrs. Amita Shetye

Director of Sumira


Amita, the Founder, Promoter, and Director of Sumira, brings around four decades of extensive experience. She retired as an Executive Director - Data Science from NielsenIQ. She was involved in statistical analysis, client servicing, and training throughout her career. She has led and mentored big teams to support global requirements of NielsenIQ Data Science.